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Account Type Status

Click That!

Once expanded you will find the menu looks like this now and in orange you will see your status as - company owner, Expired, New User, etc.!

There is some really interesting information here!

New and Help Desk, this page actually loads automatically when you log in and also has an invitation to chat, and a live help button.

National Statistics: these are as far as we know the ONLY live stats in existence! These numbers are based on actual calls entered into NWCOPRO across all users. No other software gives you this kind of information - PERIOD.

Company Statistics: This is for your eyes only, everyone see the national stats but these stats are yours! It’s just a quick snapshot of what’s going on over time with your call volume.

The last one, that says Welcome to NWCOPRO - that’s all it means - Welcome and thank you for your membership.

Some items are in development and all are subject to change. For the most part everything is fully developed and will be noted if it is not or being redeveloped.