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Nuisance Wildlife Control - Animal Removal - Professional Solutions - Wildlife Control Directory

Nuisance Wildlife Control - Animal Removal - Professional Solutions - Wildlife Control Directory

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Field reports stay with each customer and yes you can email them a report!…

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NWCOPRO provides the platform to collect phone call information, customer information, invoices and so much more! The screen shot below is from the Jobs section.  You can click on the last report date and pull up this window. This window allows you to quickly see many job related things. Images, and yes you can draw directly on them to highlight areas of concern. Review reports from technicians and the images they might take of repairs or damage. At the bottom is the special notes section where you can put things like Gate codes, special instructions, etc.

This rolling account of reports is also available as a report that you can print out, save as a PDF and email to your customer. This is just one aspect of NWCOPRO that helps you keep track of your jobs in a way never done before. There’s also a calendar, an agenda, text alerts, and so much more!

Why not sign up for a free account and take a look at the road map to the future for wildlife control software? It is completely free to have a look!

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