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News and Help Desk

The News and Help Desk loads in a “tab” automatically and basically I just write updates to the application as they develop, they could be minor or major and I try to be pretty specific as to what gets updated, feel free to browse backwards! You will see how often I am working on this application - that would be almost daily!

Also on this page is a green (if I am online) help button and a gray button if I am offline - you can leave me a message if you would like even if I am offline!

If I am online, this little message might pop-up!

You can just it no thanks, or ignore it and move on to using NWCOPRO.

As of 2/12/16 those templates are done, but the time cards are actually still in progress! Regardless the message as you can see may not change but the idea is that if you see this, it means myself or someone who is manning the help line is online - if you need us we are available for chat!

Most software leaves you to “figure it out” we do NOT.