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Phone Calls and Customers

Phone calls and Customers contains the following tables for you to record and document your phone calls, your customers, your jobs and the tasks that go into each Job.

It all starts with the phone call! Once you enter in the phone call, you can create a customer and setup a job with a SINGLE click!

Then the next step would be to create a task for that JOB, perhaps as most of do you would set up the initial inspection, which you should be able to do in just a few clicks!

To find out more visit the explanations for each item.

  1. Phone Log: Credits/edits phone calls, set up job calendar, and tasks calendar
  2. Customers: Create/edit customers
  3. Jobs List: Create/edit jobs
  4. Manage Tasks: Quickly edit multiple records, this may be removed in the future.
  5. Task Correction Grid: This is a faster way to make quick changes to multiple records. This was setup to help correct older entries in NWCOPRO but can be of benefit so I left it in for the time being. This may be removed at a later date.

Some items are in development and all are subject to change. For the most part everything is fully developed and will be noted if it is not or being redeveloped.