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User Guide

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Here is a list of all of the help sections we have, and although they are NOT complete, we will try to update them as we go. Remember, NWCOPRO is currently in BETA which means - it isn’t done yet! We are always working on it and making improvements daily. You will see a date on each help page, that is the date that we created, edited, or updated that page. NWCOPRO may actually have more features but at this point most of the application can be documented now so it will be fairly accurate - check the news and help desk when logging in, and PLEASE use the feedback area within NWCOPRO for suggestions!

This is a labor of love, I created NWCOPRO for use in my own business and knew it could be used by others. You will now have access to all of your company information from about ANY Internet connected device!


Important First Steps for new users of NWCOPRO…

On your first login, check your account status. If you are a New User and this is your first few visits, take a moment to go to your Reference Library and fill out a few entries. Your Reference Library is important because these entries populate drop downs in other areas of the application.

The cost library is used throughout to fill in items and the costs associated with them, you can even customize them by zip code!

The second thing you should do is go to your Account area and setup some Company Defaults. Company defaults are used through out NWCOPRO to automatically fill in simple things like your company name phone, number, and your website.

The more you use NWCOPRO the easier it will get, it will become much more of a point and click where you will only be entering NEW information and not the same thing over and over!

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