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My name is Charles Parker and I created this software as well as this directory of pros. I have spoken to and know every individual listed on this website/directory. This Directory of professional wildlife control companies not only lists them but gives about as much information we can provide about them. This additional information makes choosing the right wildlife control company a much easier choice. People want to know that they are getting the best, and the more they know - the better the decision they can make. Let them know you found them on NWCOPRO

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Directory of Animal Damage Control Professionals - Bat Removal Experts

HELP - How to get rid of bats by hiring a pro!

Bat removal is best left to experts and my guess is your here to hire one. First of all let me say that your in the right place. Our subscribers pay to use our service. This should indicate to you that these folks are actually trying to run a business and this probably is NOT their first rodeo! In other words, they have experience and they are probably very knowledgeable.

Sure we do get people who are new to the business but that being said membership to NWCOPRO should tell you that they are not in this as a hobby!

Here are some tips on hiring on hiring a pro to help you get rid of bats

  1. Check to see if they are properly licensed. Not all states require it but some do.
  2. Check to see if they are insured and ask to see proof. Once you have the proof, call the insurance company and ask if they are indeed insured.
  3. Be prepared to pay for an inspection, I would be concerned about the “free” inspection. Yes, of course there are reputable companies that offer that but experience has taught me to question it.
  4. Ask about the materials being used. Are they for the intended purpose?
  5. Ask about a warranty, you may or may not need it but what if you do.
  6. How long have they been in business? Yes, a new guy can be a professional and may even do a good job but he or she should be honest enough to tell you what their experience is.

I love to tell the story about a girl who told her parents that she couldn’t sleep in her room because there were monsters in her closet. Her father came in and announced loudly that he was going to “take care of those monsters for good!” Well he opened the door to a walk in attic and out flew a bat! The bat scared him too, he yelled “Your right baby - there are monsters in here!”

They definitely had a bat problem, and it was not an easy job. Bats love high places and it takes an experienced eye to fully rid your home of bats.

NWCOPRO is used by wildlife removal professionals who remove bats all the time. Search the site, select a pro and if you have a good experience be sure to let us know! You can email your bat removal stories to

Best way to get rid of bats is hire someone who is familiar with bat-removal. The following list will help. Where can you find a local guy? Do your research, check up on training. Make an informed decision - and get a few quotes. There is a DIY bat removal handbook out there that can help too.  With so many “new guys” getting into the business and willing to spend money advertising on Google - it can be hard to figure out who is actually a reliable trained professional. We list people who are using our software as well as a few guys who also PAY to be listed. The difference is that we know the people listed here and can say that they know what they are doing.

You can download a copy of our DIY bat removal handbook,  here

Or you can  Share on Facebook the Bat removal handbook